• "While it was going on, I got it wrong. I hadn't figured out until you were gone, Léon, Léon. Take her back into your arms, send her flowers, what she wants. Laugh about it and move on..."
  • "It's been 27 hours since we even saw the sun..."
  • "It falls to death so talk with me. This life, what if it's you and me? Don't know, oh no. Maybe that means we'll fall from grace. It'd be ok, I'd have your face with me. You'll see, you'll see, you'll see, you'll see..."
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  • Flirting Is The Effective Way That This Works
  • Man I'll do things to you.. Vanessa Del Rio be 'shamed to do
  • Is you wit me? How could you ever decieve me
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  • Perceptions of the Night

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  • Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine. I'm helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine.
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